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sports marketing - sports events - sports management

Consulting company specialized in helping companies, athletes & teams

with sponsorships, sales and sports marketing


  • We help companies increase their brand value thru sports marketing 

  • We improve companies marketing & communication strategies

  • We support and develope companies sales & sales strategies


Events ​& Sports Marketing

  • Combine your sales and marketing plan wit unique events

  • Any sports, any place

  • Formula 1, Cycling, Football, Golf, Tennis.... 


Sports management

  • Need more sponsors, and want to increase existing sponsorships?

  • Want to succeed as sponsor? 

  • Need a manager? 


  • Several successful start-ups

  • Several, unique and successful products

We are always on work, so contact us, it might be worth it!

 Sportaktiv AS 

Tønsberg - Norway - Org. 919 968 478

+47 951 74225 -  geir(@)

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